When My Season Comes Ii

The Saga of an African American Family Continues
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Michael Miller
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This is a novel about a young African American brother and his family who experienced many problems in life. This novel is fiction, and it is not factual in any way form or fashion. I had a hard life growing up as an African American male, but this novel does not tell any true story. It is fictionalfor entertainment purposes only. I am writing this book so people could have hope. I truly believe sometimes in this life many of us are doomed by bad fate. Because of trials and tribulations, we lose our faith in God. We end up believing a change will never come. I hope this novel will inspire you to never give up on your dreams or anything you want in life. This novel is dedicated to my dear and departed mother, Catherine Miller. She was my hero. I have been inspired by many people, such as the Jackson singing family, John H. Johnson, Tyler Perry, E. Lynn Harris, Langston Hughes, Paul Robeson, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X., Les Brown, and Denzel Washington. A special thanks to Lois Britton and Devell Porter, who are dear friends of mine. I hope you will enjoy When My Season Comes.

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