Never Alone

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Jessie Brown
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I am writing this book to let people know that God loved me when I did not know he was watching over me and protecting me. The childhood that he brought me through taught me that he was always there for me even though I did not fully understand his grace and mercy. I was never alone. I was chosen by him to be his and have my life carefully preserved to share my testimonies with others how great his love is for us, and that they are never alone. My name is Jessie Brown. I was born in 1960. It was during the segregated times in the Southern part of the United States was starting to end. The unfair treatment by white people in the South was still going on. I can remember when I was in the second grade, they mixed black kids with the white kids together. My teacher was a white lady. She called out the name Jessie across the classroom. The little white girl and I would answer her at the same time. She said, I will call you little black bird, and I will call the white girl Jessie. I made up in my mind that day: I was not going to let anyone talk to me like that again. I grew up fighting and looking mad until I found out that my father in heaven loved mehis name is Jesus Christ. Now I am smiling everywhere I go, and I try to tell everyone I meet about the love of Jesus Christ.

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