A Doctor’S Prescription for Longevity and Survival

The Perfect Diet + Environmental Hazards & Toxins to Avoid
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Vincent N. Cefalu Sr. M.D.
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This book offers advice to people who would like to hopefully increasetheir longevity and have as much enjoyment and fulfi llment out of life
as possible. I present an honest and commonsense approach on how to
remain as healthy as theoretically possible while keeping some credibility
and satisfaction in life. I provide many recommendations that deal with
real-life situations instead of fantasies and present conclusions based
on my having personally performed over 1,500 autopsies and my own
deleterious consequences of having developed atherosclerotic disease from
being over four hundred pounds for over thirty years. In this book, I detail
a very strict diet plan, the perfect diet, which I created, that resulted in my
losing 272 pounds over a ten-month period, and whereby my continued
adherence has allowed me to be able to maintain this weight. However,
I relate the many problems that I developed in following such a rigorous
diet program and offer prophylactic advice to people electing to lose
weight extremely fast so that they wont encounter the same problems. I
also provide some very inexpensive and easy-to-prepare low-calorie recipes
that I concocted which are good appetizers and fi ller-uppers.
In my usual witty, satiric manner, I discuss many dangerous drugs that
should be avoided and mention several foods that should be eliminated
from a persons diet, along with furnishing some of my own little
homemade poems along the way. Through my experiences as having
served as coroner, I disclose many hazards that exist in our environment,
mention some simple things that people tend to forget that, too often,
result in fatalities, and present my views of many of the over-the-counter
products. By making overweight and diabetic individuals aware of certain
physiological processes that are continuously occurring in our bodies,
hopefully they would be in a better position to understand and interpret
my suggestions. In brief, I have something to offer all my readers from the
most radicalmy diet planto the most realistic and conservative. In a
nutshell, I lived through what I now advocate against, since I discovered
too late what obesity could do to the human body.

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