Mr Brown and Mrs Wong’S Ticket to Travel

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G.J Giddy
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If there is a will, theres a way. An elderly Middle Eastern man named Yusuf is determined to hijack an international flight to one day use this plane to destroy a major city. Yusuf believes he can start a massive conflict for his cause once this city is destroyed. Planning went ahead; they found many flaws in International flights. They used these flaws to their advantage managing to hijack a Malaysian flight on route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The hijacking is a success; they fly the plane undetected to a disuse airfield in Australia. The airfield was one of many built during the Second World War. Because of its age, the airfield suffered badly when the plane lands but they were prepared for this.
The passengers and crew are forced to repair the runway, one of these passengers, a middle aged Chinese woman named Mrs Wong. Mrs Wong was so desperate to board this flight, she wishes now she had broken a leg instead. Mrs Wongs life was more than miserable until a Vietnam Veteran named Mr Brown stumbles on the airfield.
Yusuf has need for Mr Brown who works under protest wondering if ever he will ever have another cold beer again and where is his lost RSL members card. Mr Brown is in luck, Mrs Wong finds his RSL card and slowly they develop a friendship. Mrs Wong being very Chinese is a married woman; Mr Brown has being a widower for many years and had never learnt how to love again.
Their friendship is close to becoming inseparable with the fear of death always seconds away. Yusuf, Mr Brown and Mrs Wong cling to hope their separate religions will save the day although in this day and age, this shouldnt be the case. They all have an obstacle to jump, but who will manage to clear the obstacle.
Mr Brown and Mrs Wong are best described in Chinese dialect as a chicken and duck love story with a difference.

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