The Soul of Solomon Siegel

The Values and Morality That Solomon Strongly Believed in and Give Meaning to His Life and Work.
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This book has no story plot and is about only one person. It is different from other books that may be described as action-packed or "a page turner". It is an inspirational and emotional biographical book that puts you into the life of an orthodox Jew, Solomon Siegel, living in Brooklyn, New York from 1910 until his death in 1951.Through speeches, poems, songs, parables, jokes and Torah stories he is able to present his moral values and philosophy. Many of his writings are so thought provoking and informative that it may require you to sit and contemplate his meaning. His views on the coming of the State of Israel give us the historical view of the Jewish community when he served as a synagogue president. We see his heartfelt obligation and devotion to the survivors of the Holocaust in his support of The Hachnosas Kallah (Bridal Fund) for the young Jewish immigrants arriving here without funds to marry and start a new life. Many of his writings are a powerful and poignant reminder for today's Jewish community if they are to survive the current secular world we live in. The theme of his writings is the keeping of the Sabbath and the Holidays that will define us as Jews.My adventure into the literary world is not a creative attempt to become a famous author. Through this book I want my family to have a strong connection to a person that, to my own regret, I never had. I believe I have achieved this goal. When my twin brother, Martin, and I visited Suwalki Poland his home town, and also through my research of the area and time he was there it was reinforced. I now know this inspiring and perceptive person. I also now know "The soul of Solomon Siegel".

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