A Life to Remember

An Autobiography
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Balawant Shankar Joshi
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A Life to Remember
This amazingly detailed memoir spans three continents and nearly a century of the life of Balawant Joshi. In it he recalls a journey beginning in a small village in southern India and ending in the southern United States. The son of a poor but brilliant school teacher and linguist, Joshi relates his beginnings at school, moving through hard-fought successes to the completion of the highest levels of education at Cambridge. Throughout the journey and for all his life, a philosophy of peace, regard for his fellow man, and an attitude of determination regardless of the pitfalls of life shine through his modest writing. Joshi expands on his long career in experimenting with plants and Natural Products for synthesis and use in pharmaceuticals in India, Switzerland, and the United States. He writes of family, weddings, and celebrations in India, and travels to many countries. He recalls a small but dangerous role he played in the fight for independence of India from Great Britain. Retired many years ago and living in Georgia, he loses his beloved wife, finds productive activity in a Natural Products, learns painting, and finds new friends and companionship throughout his senior years. Joshi is a great example for all of a life well lived and a love for humanity and a mind still keen and full of stories at the age of ninety.

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