'My' Official Georgia Geechee Cookbook

Geechees, Low Country Cooking and History Facts
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Sharon Kaye Hunt RD
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THE GEECHEE COOKBOOK My Official Geechee Cookbook highlights Geechee low-country cooking and food preparations that were popularized on the Georgias barrier sea islands from the early 1700s until up to the end-of-the Civil War. A special effort has been made to include the similarities of possible African culture and slaves tradition on each island. Recorded history has been included about each area. Although much of the history has been lost, the slaves made do with what they were able to simulate from their culture. The efforts in this cookbook have been dedicated to the impact of the Geechee contributions to the state of Georgia.
Some people in Georgia call themselves Gullah. However, my grandmother was a Geechee.
The research honors her heritage. Gullahs are popular in the low country areas of the Carolinas.
My Official Geechee Cookbook is a result of my research with certain people who said they were Geechee and collected recipes from these people. The cookbook is not comprehensive of all Geeches recipes. Historical influences surrounding the Geechees survival on the Georgia sea coastline from slavery until present day have been examined.

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