The Beauty of Love

Selected Poems
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Doris Washington
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The Beauty of Love is a collection of poems about inner peace, healing, autism awareness, positive thinking, faith, hope, encouragement, inspiration, and love. Also in this selection of poems by the author, who is also a mother of an adult son with autism, are three poems His Window, When December Comes, The Storms, which the author has dedicated for autism awareness. These three poems are in the section following Reflections, My Personal Story Living with Autism. Also in this selection of poems, the author gives inspiring and spiritual messages about each chapter of poems presented. The author shares a selected combination of new poems and also familiar poems as a continuing saga of her poems of inspiration to touch the hearts of many readers. In the poems Take Me to Your Place and The Beauty of Love, the author expresses in finding that inner peace we all long for is to let go with love. In the poems Hold on to the Sunshine after the Rain and The Storms, the author expresses about faith. That there will always be storms and to believe that God will see you through. For today may not be your tomorrow. In the poem A Journey of a Thousand Steps, the author expresses about staying encouraged, and that all things are possible when one believes. In the poem Time Heals and So Does Love, the author expresses about forgiveness and healing through Gods mercy and love. The author also shares in this collection of poems that she has written in honor of those unique individuals she admires in making a difference, A Soldier for Peace in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., A Pioneers Journey in honor of Coretta Scott King, and This Day, A Dream, A Promise, Fulfilled, in honor of President Barack Obama. And in poems such as The Way of Love, the author shares that when we go with love, we invite others to know love. The authors greatest hope is that The Beauty of Love will help provide the inspiration that we so need in our daily lives today. Her son John continues to be her inspiration to write!

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