Monona Days

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Liz Kilger
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Vanessa Anne Nessbrook slipped out of her own home to meet her new boyfriend Scott Allen Bixby. He was busting with the news he had just done. He had just signed up for a tour of duty and joined the Marines! He would be leaving for basic training in just a few weeks! Would she wait for him to return? It appeared to be an important question for him, so she answered with thought. Of course she would wait! Where would she go? I have to finish my high school classes; mom & dad wouldnt just let me drop out! We can write every day, just as soon as I get your mailing address. If you write to me, you can be assured I will answer each and every one of your letters. Vanessa was looking at a June graduation date from High School anyway. After she finished school, she would have to decide on a career! What would be her life's vocation? The choices were epic: college, (her parents first choice), junior college (her parents second choice), technical school or college, or trade school? She had to make choices and decisions she could live with now and for many years to come.
Finally settling on something she had always loved, she took a look at The Madison School of Beauty, there were so many aspects to look at. She was excited to take a look! She was sure she would find something that took her interest. Cuts, perms, dyes, nails, manicures and pedicures, trims and shaping. It was kind of exciting! Scott would be returning on completion of his Basic Training initiation. She knew Scott meant to report for active duty right away but did not know just how she felt about that one! It would be a quick turnaround for him just before Christmas this year. She would just be finishing up at the Madison School of Beauty.

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