Planet Prejudice

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Horace S. Mallette
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Prejudice, discrimination, racism are all ills we face in the world since time immemorial, based in perceptions of biological and social differences between peoples and places. This book aims to take on a subject matter that we all struggle with, a subject matter normally intended for teens and adults. Breaking it down so even the smallest amongst us, the children, can and will understand. It is the simple concept of growing up the future generation, shaping them for a better tomorrow. If we want them to be oranges, mangoes, etc., then we plant (instill) in them the properties to grow as such. If we want them to follow the straight and narrow or go the way of the crooked path, then we shape them accordingly. As adults, we may not be beyond redemption, but we are set in our ways, bearing the fruits of our trees, too stiff to bend or we will break. Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not depart from it. A big change is needed, and a big change is hard to accomplish, but we can start by reading this book.

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