Reflections on the Art of Living

Our Society’S Predicament
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Henry J. Zeiter MD
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In all my years of travel I have seldom met anyone as sagacious as Henry Zeiter, and even more seldom have I met anyone more widely read. He knows a great deal about a great many things and something about almost everything else! This new volume of his musings will enrich anyone blessed enough to read it. Joseph Pearce, Author, Biographer of C.S. Lewis, J.R. Tolkien,
Oscar Wilde, Solzhenitsyn, Chesterton, others
Writer in Residence, Ave Maria University

Many thanks to Dr. Henry Zeiter for collecting and sharing insights gathered over many years. I am amazed at the variety ranging from intensely personal reflections on to struggles of daily life to impressive literary, philosophical, and medical analyses. I especially recommend his essay on James Joyce; it is written with real feeling for a tortured soul
Brian T. Kelly, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Mathematics and
Science, Dean of Thomas Aquinas College, Santa, Paula, California

Dr. Zeiter has lived intensely, and experienced the whole ride on the emotional rollercoaster. He has observed much, learned some, and reflected a lot on life. We can learn from him.and there is a great connection between learning and fully living.
There is a memorable line in the movie The Shawshank Redemption: Get busy livingor get busy dying Henry Zeiter will certainly help you get busy living. Read his material slowly. Taste it, digest it in small bites, and reflect on it. That way you can enjoy the meal and absorb it in your own way.
Dr. J. Mitchell Perry, JM Perry Learning Center, Ventura, California

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