Vision of Peace

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Dr. Waqar Pirzada
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In 1948, the issue of the division of Palestine was under discussion in the Security Council. At the wishes of the Arab states and also Huzur (Khalifa tul Masseh II), they instructed respected Chaudhry Mohammad Zafarullah Khan to present the case of Palestine. So he strongly presented and pleaded the Palestinian cause, and he presented the Arab case. The Arab delegations thanked Huzoor (Khalifa tul Masih II) by sending a telegram and wrote, We have been greatly relieved. We hope that this will immensely support our demands (Al-Fazal, November 8, 1947). Huzoors (Khalifa tul Masseh II) instruction to Hazrat Chaudry Sahib to stay on in New York and the gratitude of Arab delegations show that Huzoor was a source of peace, blessing, and mercy for all nations of the world.
The Statesman (Delhi) dated October 8, 1947, editorially observes:
Sir Mohammad Zafarullah Khan voiced in the counsels of the United Nations on a burning topic of world-wide significance when leader of this countrys delegation, Mohammad Zafarullah Khan, addressed the United Nations Palestine Committee at Lake Success on Tuesday. It was a telling speech which tore into shreds the specious pleas put forward by the advocates of the partition of Palestine. Chaudhry Zafarullah did not merely indulge in rhetoric when he described the partition plan as `physically and geographically a monstrosity.

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