'Love' Is My Promise

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Guadalupe C. Claudio
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Jason Hutchinson, the youngest sibling of the Hutchinson brothers, is a successful lawyer. Young and handsome, he is very popular with women and does not have a worry to his name. But his popularity had started to thin out and he fi nds himself longing for more, and, in the shape of a woman.
Finding the perfect girl had not been easy and he missed not having a true relationship until he met Debbie. As soon as he saw her, he realized his search was over and that his life was complete.

Debbie was not born with a silver spoon, but making some efforts, she attained her goals in life. Getting a career had been her fi rst goal and being the best mother to her three year old daughter Samantha, her second. But when she landed a paralegal position, working for Jason, she never imagined that she would attain a third goal in life. She then realized that had not been one of her goals, but her destiny.

Together they plan a future and are ready to get married, but their happiness takes a turn when someone from Jasons past shows up to make things difficult for the happy couple.

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