Journey Back to Living

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Drusella Thomas
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This is the story of Mary Beth
She had never been alone before. She had married Roy Parker right after graduation. He was a high school golden boy, the captain of the football team in his senior year. Every girl in school wanted to date him, for he was tall with light brown hair and very dark violet eyes. He was the most handsome boy for miles around. For reasons Mary Beth never understood why he picked her. She was overjoyed for she did not realize she was one of the most beautiful girls in school.

Now in twilight years, with all her kids gone off to live their own lives, she did not see what was coming and it threw her life in turmoil.

Mary Beth sat on her bed. She was in shock. Tears ran down her face. How could Roy leave me after thirty years of marriage for some young girl?

He has left me with no way to support myself. She though. She stared of in space. Suddenly standing she shook herself. No use staying here doing nothing. She said to herself. She washed the tears from her face, grabbed her purse and car keys.

I will take my poems to Nashville and see if I can have them put to music and recorded. She though as she drove to the bank she and Roy had all their money in. She emptied the checking and the saving. Then the safe deposit box. She wondered what the brown paper package was. Ill take it and worry about it later. She did not realize what she has.

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