God Gave Me a Song

Memoirs and Poems
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Ruth Bumanlag
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God Gave Me a Song is the family history of Rev. Roberto Bert Bumanlag and his wife, Ruth, combined with poems composed at his keyboard as worship songs during retirement. Rev. Wayne and Virginia Wright, former Wesleyan missionaries to the Philippines, wrote this tribute for his funeral that best describes his life:
Roberto became a part of our lives more than sixty years ago. There are some important words that we think of at this time that characterized his life.

The first big word is grace. Roberto did not become who he was because of money or any of the benefits that most people think are important. God chose Roberto out of what could have been a negative early beginning and brought him into his family through grace. We have no way of knowing what Robertos life might have been without that wonderful grace of God to make a life meaningful that otherwise might have been wasted. Roberto Bumanlags life is a testimony of what God can do through grace.

The next big word is giftedness. There are not many things anyone can do, but what Roberto could do better. God not only changed him through grace, he gifted him with abilities to do almost anything and do them well. His hands were gifted with the ability to make things beautiful. His voice was gifted to sing well for his Lord. He had an impressive mind to think and speak in God-honoring ways. Many years ago, when Roberto was a young student at Bible school and sometimes living with us in our home, there wasnt much that needed to be done that he could not do. We still have some things he made that we will remember him by. Throughout his long life, he gave himself to live faithfully using and expressing the many gifts God gave him.

Another big word is love. We will not remember Roberto so much for all the things he didwe will remember him because he was loving toward all he shared life with. He leaves behind him memories and evidences of his love for Ruth, for the children, and for all of us to whom he so often spoke words and did deeds of kindness.

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