In Pursuit of Love, Spirituality, and Happiness

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Gita Audhya
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The culture of Hawaii, the spirituality of India, lots of romance and love, corporate corruption, father's greed, and melancholy unhappiness made In Pursuit of Love, Spirituality and Happiness multi-dimensional. My book is about higher feelings. We've all had some sort of spiritual experiences in our lives. That is just one slice of my story. The juicy part has plenty of romance and finding happiness in love. Starting out, my hero is just an ordinary young American man born into enormous wealth who has no knowledge of the real world. Then Jonathan meets Oliana, a beautiful Hawaiian girl, while on vacation and everything changes. Jonathan learns about nature and religion, faith and trust, power and helplessness, and (most importantly) love. Later in the book his own ethical values and Oliana's vast supportive love prepare him to confront his evil father's greed. The readers will witness his tormented heart racked by helplessness and see him gradually mature to become an individual - his own person, not controlled by the desires and rules of others as all of us make this journey to find who we are and who we are supposed to be. Do you think Oliana and Jonathan will return back to Hawaii where they first fell in love?

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