Inspiring African-American Women of the Civil Rights Movement:

18Th, 19Th, and 20Th Centuries
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La Shawn B. Kelley
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The Civil Rights Movement is a milestone in American history that can help us think more clearly about today's movement for social and political change, which can sometimes be influenced or misguided by the media. We all must seize the opportunity to shape our own post-civil rights era and redefine what civil rights means to us today and in the future. Inspiring African-American Women of the Civil Rights Movement 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries is just one glimpse into the lives of twenty very brave and courageous African-American women, who fought to protect the civil rights of African-Americans and ultimately changed the course of history. As you read this book, I will:
? Give a more in-depth understanding about the true meaning of the freedom and equality in America.
? Provide an awareness of the struggles of the civil rights movement to the racial injustices of the Jim Crow laws.
? Bring attention to important relationships that developed along the way of each womans journey based on the civil rights cause.
? Depict a timeline of events of each crusaders journey.
Above all:
? Highlight the incredible accomplishments of African-American women, who have contributed to our nations greatness even in the face of certain danger and personal tragedy in the name of freedom and equality.
Be inspired by the Civil Rights Movement and embrace all that African-American history has to offer because it truly is an important part of American history. The Civil Rights Movement challenged racism in America and because of civil rights crusaders like Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman, the country is a more just and humane society for us all.

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