Three-Day Journey

Stories of a Twelve-Year-Old Korean War Refugee
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Duk-Joong Won
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The Professional Reviewers Views on the 3-Day Journey:
Blueink Review: "The aftermath of war is often measured in body counts or economic damage; however, one of war's most lasting impacts is the loss it imposed on children. Author Duk-Joong Won was just 12 years old when he was handed a small package and told to leave his mother behind, with assurance that they would be reunited in three days. He never saw her again. Three-day-Journey is a gripping memoir of grief, faith, family, and ultimately triumphant."

KIRCUS REVIEW: "Arriving (at the USA) with $50 and limited command of the English language, he initially worked menial jobs, but eventually obtained a Ph.D. in economics. After decades as a successful businessman, he visited totalitarian North Korea in 1990; there, he learned that his mother and favorite sister were long dead, but managed to see his surviving siblings and say a final goodbye. Overtaken by depression back in the U.S., he changed career attending a seminary and becoming a pastor. Despite occasional language errors, this book provides a readable personal record of life in bygone Korea. It also effectively tells the story of an immigrant struggling and succeeding in the United States."

Rev. Walter Chun, Ph.D.: "Three-Day-Journey is a success story motivated by a heartfelt memory of his mother, as well as a fruitful achievement of hard work in the midst of distress. All the more, this is our story, of our parents motivating us."

Rev. Bill Youngblood: "What a compelling and inspiring journey! . . . . . . . . To read how you escaped the war, survived in the long journey to safety in South Korea, made it to America, managed to get a first rate education, reconnected with Insook, start and run a company, and go back home to see your family in the North and South, and finished your career as an ordained United Methodist Pastor with wonderful effectiveness in each church that you served is truly an inspiration. . . . ."

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