The Seeds of Sacrifice

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Waqar Pirzada
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The verse signifies that the message of the Holy Prophet (Allahs blessings) was meant not only for the Arabs among whom he was raised but for all non-Arabs as well, and not only for his contemporaries but also for the coming generations till the end of time. The reference in the verse and in a well-knowing saying of the Holy Prophet is to the Second Advent of the Holy Prophet in the Person of the Promised Messiah in the Latter Days. Says Abu Hurairah, One day we were sitting with the Holy Prophet when Surah Jumuah was revealed. I asked the Holy Prophet, Who are the people to whom the words and among others, from among them who have not yet joined them, refer? Salman the Persian was sitting among us. Upon my repeatedly asking the same question, the prophet put his hand on Salman and said, If the Faith were to go up to the Pleiades, a man from these would surely find it (Bukhari). This hadith shows it applies to a man of Persian descent. Now, the Promised Messiah, The founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement was of Persian descent. Other sayings of the Holy Prophet speak of the appearance of the Messiah at a time when there would remain nothing of the Quran but its words, and of Islam but its name i.e. the true spirit of the teachings of Islam will be lost (Baihaqul). The verse refers to the second advent of the Holy Prophet in the person of the Promised Messiah.

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