Spirit of Thanks

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Leighton Hollar
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Parents: It is fundamental that all children acquire the skills needed for reading and comprehension, ensuring that they are equipped for future advancement as book lovers, good readers, and thus exceptional students. It is also important for families, teachers, and providers to read and reread, to discuss the informational text with their children and have them participate in the discussion about the text. The children should then illustrate, by pictures or write, what they have learned from the text to help them gain a better understanding of what the story is about.
A book can be fiction, nonfiction, verse, or prose. Either way, the written words and illustrations helps children to become effective readers and writers who are able to conduct a discussion or make a report about the story they have just read. This in turn helps them to meet standards set by NYCDOE for learning, which is considered evidence of educational growth. These books by author Leighton Hollar are excellent supplemental tools for early childhood education.

Children are naturally curious about the world around them, and curiosity can be a powerful tool for learning. Studies show that children who are encouraged to learn new things at an early age maintain an advantage throughout their academic years and reading and comprehension are vital to this process.

To help in the stimulation of young minds and create excitement for reading and comprehension author, Leighton Hollar, and ACD/UPK Teacher, Charity Ferris, have introduced these five poetry picture books to stimulate and engage the new, eager minds of children.

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