A Novel of the Philippine Insurrection
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Gene Denson
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Gene Denson, a retired college history professor and the author of five historical novels, explores the events of unrest in the Philippines as the United States seeks an empire. Against the background of Jose Rizals execution, an American boy, thrown onto the streets of Manila by his drunken father, is rescued and adopted by a beautiful and lonely young Filipino woman. His years of puberty under the guidance of his adoptive guardian and her own sexual hunger, while training him for the future, collide during the horrors of the bloody Filipino rebellion. Captured, enslaved, and rescued by him, she eludes the rebel pursuit for months in the mountains of Central Luzon, only for the pair to be endangered again by the subsequent Christian-Muslim conflict on the islands of Mindanao and Sulu.
Admiral Deweys defeat of the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay, the arrival of the American army, the murders of Generals Bonifacio and Luna, the ensuing insurrection by Filipino nationalists, Funstons capture of Aguinaldo, the Samar massacre, and the valuable combat training gained by the future generals of the AEF for service in France in World War I are depicted in exciting detail.

The changing social attitudes toward sex at the turn of the twentieth century are a surprising twist. The changes involving the inquisition of the Roman Catholic Church, the incest among many Japanese families, the power of Chinese Mandarins, the Filipino Bonsok headhunter tribe, and the anti-Imperialist movement in America are intertwined in the Philippine struggle for independence and the American quest for an empire.

The ever-increasing love and sexual bonding of the two protagonists survive admirably in this frank and erotic tale of love, adventure, war, and emerging social and moral changes on the eve of the twentieth century. The detailed Christian-Muslim conflict of the Moro War is mirrored today by similar religious conflicts in the Arabian world. Gene Denson elaborates the reasons for Muslim treachery against the protagonists, Jaime James and Pilar Tala. This exciting and fast-moving and sexually vibrant novel is 90 percent true and could serve to help explain current turmoil in the Middle East.

Those who forget past history are condemned to repeat it, but love can win.

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