Poetic Ponders!

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Marty Kirsten Jr.
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This book is a compilation of all the various emotional phases a human encounters in their life. There are various emotions and feelings that are exposed in hopes of allowing other people the opportunity to know they are not alone in their thoughts or feelings. Im hoping that many of my expressions are something that everyone can read and associate with a part of their life, whether painful, joyful, playful, or just outright ridiculous, and realize they are not alone. The works that are expressed here were influenced by past loves, passion, depression, and outright silly waste of time, but all are a snapshots of time that represent a feeling or thought at that very moment. Throughout his life, he realized not everyone shared his belief system, but everyone shared the emotions he went through. Realizing it was not hard for him to express these feelings through poems, he wrote these down for others to view. This is a compilation of his years of work. Not knowing how to express feelings can be very frustrating. Hopefully, these works will help people to better understand the complex nature that makes up the human being. In reading about topics through poetry, Im hoping that other people can too investigate the complex nature of the human soul.

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