If I Only Knew!

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Dereck Allbee
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Are you tired of struggling for answers? Are you fed up with the lies? Do you get confused why there are more questions for every answer you get? Do you want to let go of that pain inside your very soul?Then I have the book just for you! Check this outeven the title speaks volumes (If I only Knew!)

No more will you sit and wonder. No more beating around the bush. Finally, a masterfully written straight-to-the-point book on almost any issue or problem in life's struggles made clear. Now, doesn't that sound wonderful? This writers work has such an easy flow you can't lose sight of where he is leading you. In fact, you will find yourself reading his poems over and over again from sheer amazement. The unique way he has composed allows each work of art, if you will, to tell you something new, almost every time.

His fearless choices to tackle about every subject with such straightforward directness are eye opening. You will be shocked with what you learn beyond what you already knew about the subject. His genuine heart and soul of a kindness devoted to the love Jesus taught us is real. His candor he reveals right from the beginning. His work is so profound but so simple that you will tap your own head and wonder why you never thought that over and over.

Here, let me just give you just a few things to prove my point:

1. Each day is a blessing, so stop just guessing what to do for you already know from yesterdays un-chosen regrets cause today is not over yet! Yesterday was not worthless, make today worth that, for tomorrow to be worth more
2. Don't walk past a stranger in need; let them plant the seed inside your soul that will make you feel whole for giving just a little piece of your heart
3. It's not always cause we didn't have a clue; no, its more that we didn't trust enough to just follow through

Now, these three examples are actually just from one out of 150 poems. Did you learn any lesson?
Couldn't you live a good and happy life by just following these three?

This writer has definite way to show you how easy it is when youre honest with yourself. If for no other reason you should by this book! It just may be the one book that will change your life!

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