Tinay, the Warrior Princess

The Apprentice
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Sonya Roy
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Tinay is now a fifteen-year-old girl and is starting her apprenticeship as an artist on the Atlantis survivor colony planet Os. Separated from her family, she discovers how the evil queens decisions have led society to disaster. She witnesses poverty, hunger, diseases, along with the privileged and gluttons. She gets her first glimpse of the evil queen. She will be in contact with the members of the resistance, innocently at first, and caught in the dilemma to watch from the sidelines or to join in. She needs to figure out what she will fight for, whom she will side with. She is conflicted on determining what is right, wrong, or the acceptable gray area. Her confusion reaches a new height after she learns her friend is condemned to death for reading a controversial poem that supports the resistance. She decides that should he die, his poem should be heard, and she takes her first step as a member of the resistance. Tinay will need to dig deep and help those she comes to know to save them from a horrible fate. Shell help heal the queens victim, but is she strong enough to restore balance?

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