Star Hoppers

A Science Fiction Novel
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Bill Napoli
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Mike and Cindy are soul twins. They are also omnipotent Gods who, together with their eight other soul mates, have lived forever. While living in the Prime Realm, they possess the infinite power and knowledge that is enjoyed by all omnipotent Gods. However, most of the time they choose to live in other realms where they are totally unaware of who or what they are. Like all people who have elected to leave the Prime Realm, they have chosen to live their lives as ordinary mortals, possessing absolutely no special knowledge or powers. Their reasoning for doing this is simple. For them, living a heavenly existence in the Prime Realm isnt so heavenly after all. It means living a blissfully boring existence, one devoid of the opportunity to work, to grow, to learn, to be challenged, to fail, to succeed, and to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around them.
Nine of the ten soul mates have completed their most recent lifetimes on Earth and are temporarily back home in their mansion in the Prime Realm. Only Cindy remains alive on Earth. While the others await Cindys inevitable death and her subsequent return to the Prime Realm, they research a variety of exotic planets and realms in which to spend their next mortal lifetimes together. Three are among their leading planetary choices. Kardon is a world where the population has mastered complete control of gravity. Baltham, another favorite, is a world where complete strangers routinely request and grant sexual pleasures to each other. Benu, the most interesting of all, is located in the Seventh Realm where planets and suns are alive and their inhabitants consider them to be gods.

When Cindy at last dies and rejoins her group, the ten soul mates decide to spend their next lifetime on the planet Benu, whose Sun is predicted to go supernova within the next several hundred years. Their goal is to work together in their new incarnations helping the inhabitants of Benu find some way to avoid total annihilation.

Before embarking on this new adventure, they place blocks on their godly memories and powers. Determined to save the planets inhabitants, the ten soul mates soon encounter numerous obstacles and pitfalls. At every turn, the group must deal with a deeply religious population who shuns science and instead prefers to leave their global fate in the hands of their planetary and solar gods. One way or another, the team of intrepid soul mates must overcome the populations massive resistance to embracing science over religion, which in actuality offers their worlds only hope for salvation.

In addition to being a riveting sci-fi tale, this book offers readers highly original answers to the eternal questions regarding our purpose in life, where we came from, and where we are going. You may find yourself asking, Suppose, just suppose . . .

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