Vengeance Is

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Chris Urso
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It is about young nave woman, who lifes choices are never in her control; those decisions are in other peoples hands or governed by the circumstances or environment. She fights constantly with herself over moral dilemmas while trying to stays alive long enough to discover her true calling. This leads her on an adventure through time and space.From a world that couldnt accept her, thrust into a vampiric world through her DNA that welcomes her, but she cant accept. Where she discovers her biological father is a well-known vampire warrior and a world ambassador with a past seeped in violence, deception and vengeance. Worlds of violence were only power and class have relevance, Alcina is forced to accept a new life, endure or perish.
Her marriage a scheme for her husband and father to gain a unique power and she was just a pawn. Who can she trust she needs allies who will be loyal to her? Her principles are tested and the all beings she trusted in her past life have betrayed her in one way or another.
Her husband secret is a magnet for danger, will they survive or will his secret past destroy them. Alcina become a seasoned warrior, her morals and sanity are tested as she is plunged into worlds of greed, violence, sex, and power.

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