The Charge of the Light Cavalry

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Richard Wesley Clough
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For experiencing the relatively unique mortal condition of pain and tribulation it became the vehicle of my rebirth from lives stretching from the original Spartans to various similar postures including a gladiator, a knight of medieval times, a German soldier to the present almost lost soullessness until I discover the rarefied never, never land amid the barren waste of the last years before the apex. A point in time where everything goes backwards by dint of the chemistry of the black hole. How do I know because Im the light that is bent, refracted, and otherwise inhibited by the black holes galactic lip. It is the mechanism of my rebirth while others are relegated to just their particular life which is why their born resistant to my light filled message. A message imparted by the radiant beings of Pretoria I also call Glent. My mission is like the other juggernauts to disrupt the insidious spread of corruption. A almost impossible task requiring a herculean effort which in itself casts a negative tint to me. But its the special trait that makes me see the charge of the light cavalry when I somehow overcome at least temporarily what is so oppressive like the escape in 1989 which is the mechanism allowing me to see the event associated with my When the weather of Earth Descends deficient story prior to 1989. From then on Im in a race against time that just barely stays ahead of the rafian wave bent on usurping the planet. My dichotomy consists necessarily in light of this constitution a finger of death where people die from contact with me. The number of victims is incredible due to this truth but they will live again hopefully with the abiding reason of the greatness of life rather than the ingrained iniquities they practice at present. Its for all this they call me the light in the charge of the light cavalry. Sometimes funny, illuminating, dramatic, sad or even eventful among the many feelings that come to mind.

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