And the Greatest of These Is Love

Based on a True Story
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Nevaeh Hope
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Nelly is a beautiful person searching out her true meaning of life. Although she has many obstacles to overcome, she is determined to find out who she is. From her adolescence, she grew physically to be a beautiful young woman. It will take her a lifetime to believe it. She also finds out her family secret regarding mental illness. Damion, her brother, gave her and her family a hard life to live. Will they ever be able to rid themselves of Damions wrath before its too late?
The family also receives a lot of stress from Nellys mother. Nelly wants a better relationship with her mother and will try to pursue it. However, it is a difficult road. Does her mother change her wicked ways? Meanwhile, Jackie and Dennis are her siblings that are there to support Nelly along the way.

After Nellys educational years, she is forced to make many decisions pertaining to her lifetime of happiness with whom she will marry. Does she finally have the strength and courage to become the wife and mother she always dreamed of being? She proceeds to have three beautiful children, whom she loves dearly. Will she find out soon enough what is causing her relationships not to work before it is too late?

At last, will Nelly finally find her true meaning of life? Her course is clear, and her heart is true. Perhaps in the end, she will find peace in her choices.

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