Dyslexia Isn’T an Obstacle

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Firdevs Dede
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Firdevs Dede was born in Istanbul. She is a British writer. Although Firdevs has been writing extensively during the last 34 years, DREAM Foundation is her first novel. Throughout her novel, Firdevs explores life with the romantic love for art and human beings by using the surrealist imagery writing technique she has invented herself.
Firdevs Dede is a visual artist and a qualified art teacher. Firdevs outlines her philosophical view attached to her visual art in the limited edition of artists book entitled: From an Unknown Artists Logbook published in 1988.

Firdevs Dedes poetry book, The Unfinished Journey consists of 60 poems which had been produced between 1977 and 2011. The poetry book includes 45 fine art images of digital drawings, textile drawings and hand drawings.

Firdevs Dede is a specialist dyslexia tutor and SRP coach. Firdevs lives and works in London. In her forthcoming novel entitled Dyslexia isnt an Obstacle, Firdevs combines the fiction with the reality of a challenging life style of a dyslexic entrepreneur Felix by providing a new insight into the complex nature of dyslexia for the non-dyslexic outsiders who have never been around or near the dyslexia spectrum before.

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