Billiards: for Love or Money?

80% Mental, 20% Skill
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Bobby Yates
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I try to use a scientific approach to the game of pool, and the scientific approach is basically what this book is about. It does have some theory. I am dedicating this book to Willy Masconi, Willy Hoppi, and Danny diLeberto, Billiards Digest, and to so many people who influenced me throughout the years. The dedication to this book goes out to basically all that have contributed throughout the years to a great sport. My hat goes off to these people that have made the game so noble and great. So leave the dreams of yesterday, take the torch of knowledge, and build the dreams for future. I go through a lot of thingspsychological aspects, new ways of shooting, and the evolution and alternate path for enjoyment of the game. The benefits of intervention, quality versus quantity, and failure versus success all attribute to aspects of the game. Common fears, social consequences that comes up, how do you know whos right, natural talent versus acquired talent, so we go on throughout and we look at the mechanics and theories and we see how the accumulated knowledge sometimes affect you and your game and the longevity of your game. The importance of sleep, exercise, your attitude, and how much you love the game and your performance is improving, so you can stay within the nutritional error, and you will be ready physically and mentally when it comes time to perform. Study facts and fantasy and see how everything works for you and what doesnt work for you. Self-testing of talent and having someone else help you will help to improve your game. Be creative.

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