Toward Green Economy: Opportunities and Obstacles for Western Balkan Countries

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M. Radovic-Markovic
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The green economy represents an important support to economic growth, investments and competitiveness. Therefore, it is considered to be an important alternative in attaining the general wellbeing of the humans, which is seen in the decrease of the risk while preserving the environment and using alternative energy sources. Atmospheric gases, especially carbon dioxide, create the greenhouse effect which influences the climate changes. They are already generating the extreme weather conditions, including powerful hurricanes and floods which have recently affected the Western Balkans. Having this in mind, this book is created with the intention not only to point out to the extent to which the Western Balkan countries have accepted the concept of green growth, but also to see what results are achieved in respect of implementation of this concept with the goal of overcoming the economic and financial crisis and creating the conditions for sustainable growth of this Region. Besides this, the intention was to emphasise the political, economic and legal limitations that are blocking faster development of green economy, as well as the possibilities of their overcoming,This monograph has a very broad topic range, with the goal of comprising the most important aspects and considerations of these issues. As the end result of theoretical and research considerations of the author, in approximately twenty chapters, one gets a clear insight in how the Region has progressed in respect of making the most important sectors green.

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