A New Dawn

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Lee W. Pitts
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Higher education gains new meaning when Draper University, a prestigious school in Utah peaks, is awarded a federal grant to work on a plan to harness the suns gamma rays. Elsewhere, a high-tech electronics company, New Energy, meeting in Los Angeles, California, has won a government contract to develop the software that would propel a manned rocket to the moon for an exploratory mission. An agent of a foreign country works together with an American Company in an effort to deter the Ivy League school and the electronics company from achieving their goals by theft and sabotage. While explosions rock the laboratory of the university outside of Provo, Utah, a security company with offices in Bremerton, Washington, and Las Vegas, Nevada, race against time to uncover the treachery. The company, Secure Dreams, under the partnership of Reggie Nutsbagh and Toby Preston have their work cut out for them, as they search to find who or what lies behind the interruptions. An investigation in Los Angeles and Provo progress the two security specialists and the teams they have assembled find that the deceit has pervaded certain levels of the governmenta discovery that ends up finding the president of the United States who he can trust. New friendships and a first-time football coach striving to make a respectable team of a bunch of misfits, adds levity and humanity to an otherwise intense and dramatic novel.

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