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Kathi Huggins
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Jade can only hope her life will return to normal, but what is normal for her?
In the last year, she has learned she is the center of a prophecy designed to affect every species. She has acquired three mates but still has five more to find, and those extra mates will come in handy since Jades succubus side requires frequent feedings. At one point in her life, Jade had feared the possibility of becoming a slave to the needs of being a succubus. But now thanks to Marcus, she has control over her needs and can enjoy all the pleasures involved in being a succubus.

Jade became pregnant with two babies by two different mates, Marcus and Hawk, and then gave birth. Throw in the battle with the were-tigers and the rescue of Blaze after his capture. It adds up to a very busy year.

Now that her first two babies are born, Jades mates are becoming very focused on helping her develop the powers she holds for all eight of the species contained in her blood, for if she needs to protect herself or any of her loved ones, she needs to have no doubts in herself or her powers. Jade knows her mates have more confidence in her than she had in herself. She would do whatever it takes to protect her family against those who want to see her dead and stop the prophecy to keep the bloodlines pure and untainted.

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