The Pied Piper

Laura’S Story the Pedophile’S Wife
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Laura Smith
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Lauras daddy told her that, if anything seemed too good to be true, it probably is. When she met and married Walter, she found him to be not only an attractive husband but also a good provider and a father for her son. Walter was active in the church and youth groups. He loved music, and everyone liked him. Laura felt truly blessed. Little did she know that, in five short years, all those dreams would turn to nightmares. It is still difficult for her to realize how much pain and suffering one man could cause to so many. The boys, the children, and Laura will never be the same. They are scarred forever. They deal with it.
But they dont want anyone else to have to deal with it. That is why they have put their story in writing to warn you that there are pied pipers in this world. They are good at what they do. That is why they can fool so many trusting souls. The one thing Laura would change is that she would ask questions when things dont make sense. She advises you to ask questions. If you dont, she says that everyone loses.

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