The Creation
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Robert W. Robinson
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My book, Genesis: The Creation, is a book that causes you to critically think what you used to know through theological teachings and what you heard preached. You will see progressive prophecy reveal and challenge you to expand your thinking. In order to receive the messages and the jewels inside these pages, you must be willing to relearn how to rethink.
Genesis: The Creation requires the view to see real people with real problems, whether individual personal issues, family issues, and society issues that causes you to unleash your hold on to traditions, church teaching, and your own misunderstanding about scriptures.

The characters you read about in the Holy Biblethirty-nine books (The Torah, twenty-four books) the historical books, prophetic books, Book of Psalms (songs), book of laws, and the New Testament of twenty-seven booksshare the life of men, women, and children and their decisions, faith, lack of faith, forms of worship, and betrayal. Isaacs character is that of peaceful men. We can learn from this leader in grace under fire.

Now we all appreciate faithfulness, imagine having to wait twenty years for your promisethat is exactly what happened to Isaac. He had married Rebekah at age forty, and they had gone through a famine and other adversities. At the age of sixty, Isaac is presented with double blessingtwins.

Rebekahs age is not certain, but she is at less fifty. Rebekahs own relationship with Yahweh was strong. Her prayer was immediately answered (Genesis 25: 2223), with baby(ies) struggling inside Rebekah who asked God what was going on. No doubt she needed to know something: (a) this is my first time pregnant, but something is not feeling right! (b) Ive seen others pregnant, and it seems to me that they did not face this difficulty; (c) I know my husband has prayed to you, and he and I have spoken about this so now I need to hear from you; (d) what is your plan for what is going on inside of me, as I can accept it.

After going to God, Rebakah received her answer, and she could go forward confidently with the struggle taken place in her womb. Two nations would be born to a onetime barren woman.

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