Denise's Journey

My Cancer Survival Road
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Denise Robinson
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Denise's Journey: My Breast Cancer Survival Road Through it All is Denise's personal journey depicting her medical issues along with her thoughts and feelings from the moments of her diagnosis until her becoming cancer free. Denise was just coming from dealing with a brain tumor, being newly married, and had just purchased a new home when she was given the devastating news that she had breast cancer. "Through it all," she was misdiagnosed not once but several times throughout. Her book also includes her spiritual journey, her marital relationship, and the friendships lost and gained.
In addition you will find resources that Denise had discovered to assist her with issues such as housing, transportation, insurance, and finances.

This book is sure to touch your spirit and stir up your emotions because not only did she think her journey was over, a year later she was diagnosed with breast cancer again. But none of this deterred Denise from living her life to the fullest because she continued her education, started her own business as a travel professional, and she and her husband traveled.

Come along and experience this journey with Denise.

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