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Judith Mitchell
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ALMA, a young girl of 8 12 years, has always lived in BOVILLE. BOVILLE is perpetually rainy, foggy, and misty because of the towering mountain, THE HATEFUL SLEEPER, which surrounds the village. This accursed rocky mountain blocks the sun and ensures that wet weather stays in BOVILLE. ALMA and her cat. OYSTER, are the only villagers who observe THE HATEFUL SLEEPER. ALMA, using her imagination, sees a similarity between the mountain and a sleeping giant.ALMA shares her observations with ZEPHIRA, a mysterious old woman who lives alone at the edge of BOVILLE and tells ALMA magical stories. According to ZEPHIRA, once upon a time BOVILLE was sunny, warm, and inviting. ZEPHIRA suggests that ALMA climb THE HATEFUL SLEEPER to discover more about this mountain.
ALMA and OYSTER secretly set out to climb THE HATEFUL SLEEPER in the dark before dawn. The climb is very long and dangerous but ALMA, relying upon OYSTER as a guide, finally reaches a point high up on the mountain. There she sees that THE HATEFUL SLEEPER really does resemble a sleeping old man. ALMA is suddenly sick of constant cold and mist and shouts at the head of this old giant, asking it simple, direct, and important questions.
ALMAs shouted questions cause chaos; the entire mountain stirs and shakes and ALMA and OYSTER are carried up by the ensuing whirlwind. They awaken in a startlingly different BOVILLE, now renamed BEAUVILLE. ALMAs village is beautiful once again, as THE HATFUL SLEEPER has disappeared. ZEPHIRA has vanished as well.
Time passes in BEAUVILLE and ALMA becomes an old woman who tells the same stories to the little children who visit her, among them, the story of BOVILLE as it once was dreary, damp, and unpleasant.

N.B. This is a circular story that begins with A and ends with Z, with O towards the middle.
The name ALMA means SOUL; and ZEPHIRA derives from ZEPHYR, or WIND.
OYSTER represents the instinctual guide; the O standing also for the Circle of
beginnings and endings. It is also about youthful courage and aged wisdom, and
about magic and trust. And about taking control, and chaos bringing change.

It is unapologetically Jungian! I hope it is a gripping tale as well.

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