The Concealed Chaos Series

The Dark Discovery
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S.G. Winter
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The world of Tannrias is soon about to face dark forces of destruction that have yet to be discovered by most of these diverse groups of races who consider Tannrias their home. During these dire times of the darkness that has yet to consume the realm of Tannrias, full of life, some groups since the beginning of their establishment have revealed to the world themselves as holy, righteous folk based on their appearances and actions, but looks and actions can always be deceiving. Sidgbrienn Trosgrid, the son of Chief Rogradin Trosgrid of the island Throzgar, suffered an ill-fated omen according to Throzgarian culture. However, fate may not yet have fully abandoned the young Throzgarian. It may indeed show him another path which will use him as one of the prime pieces Tannrias may depend on for delaying the darkness that is growing there. In addition, fate may have Sidgbrienn cross paths with folk who are willing to help him against the forces of wickedness and corruption for the same reason Sidgbrienn defies the two conflicts while others may simply join him for their own agenda. Can these different agendas affect the future of Tannrias and others in the long run, and can some factions established in Tannrias be involved with the mysterious darkness that has yet to reveal itself?

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