Silver Buck

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Lynn Luick
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The man that broke the door down was Dancing Bear, a friend of Foster. After finding out that Foster was all right, Dancing Bear and his braves left for their village. In a few days, Buck and Foster left to follow the map to the mine. On the way, they stopped at Dancing Bears village. For the first time, Buck met the beautiful daughter of Chief Dancing Bear. They fell in love with each other in the two days that they spent together. But Buck and Foster had to leave.
They got trapped on top of a mountain in a fierce snowstorm, but they found a cave and held up there for a month. They finally escaped down the mountain to the town of Telluride, where they spent the winter. In the spring, they set out again and found what they were looking fora silver mine. They mined some ore and headed back to Durango. On the way back, they were stopped by the man that had killed Jeb, Bucks great-grandfather. They had a gunfight, and Buck came out on top.

They got back to Durango and hired men to work in the silver mine. Everyone decided to call Buck Silver Buck. They reached the mine, but Walters was there trying to find the mine. Their men had a gun battle, and Buck and his men took over their mine. They mined all summer and winter, and the next spring, Silver Buck sent for his mother and father to come to Colorado with some men and five thousand heads of cattle to start a cattle ranch. While waiting for the cattle, Silver Buck and Red Bird, Dancing Bears daughter, got married. Silver Buck bought all the land south of Durango to the border of New Mexico. Silver Buck and Red Bird went to meet his mother and father near Santa Fe. Red Bird was worried that his parents wouldnt like her. She had worried for nothing for his parents loved her and how honest she was.

When they got back to Durango with all the cattle, after nearly losing them all to the heat of the desert, they had a big shindig with all the townspeople and the Indians. Silver Buck then showed his parents their new home, as well as his and Red Birds new home. They were as large as the homes back east. They even had indoor plumbing, to everyones surprise.

Red Bird announced that she was with a child. About eight months later, she has Little Silver, which was what everyone called him but Buck. The boy spent time with both grandfathers. He learned both worlds, the one of the Indians and that of the white mans. Buck thought that his son would turn out to be a very good man because he knew and understood both worlds.

Buck let Foster run the mine, and he and his father operated the ranch. Life was good for the Taylor family and the town of Durango. This was when Red Bird said she was going to have another child. They had a little daughter this time.

During the four years that have passed, Buck had had a dream three times. In this dream, he is riding up to a ranch house, and he sees a woman with long black hair with a four-year-old boy on her right and a two-year-old girl on her left. One day, Buck was riding up to the house at sundown, and there on the front porch was Red Bird, and to her right was Little Silver and to her left is their two-year-old daughter. He thought to himself that, yes, dreams can come true.

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