Addicted to Chinese Food

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Turone L. Green
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Addicted to Chinese food
Lucy was married to an Asian drug lord who put her in a bad neighborhood, in the ghetto, as a punishment for her love of African American culture. Lucy falls for a neighborhood male; then the addiction began. She meets a man named Sean. Sean couldnt shake what he felt for Lucy, a small crush became an addiction, a daily visit to the Chinese restaurant built interest on two people who should have never had been. What was once a daily visit to the restaurant turned into a full-blown relationship. Lucy was married, but didnt let Sean know she was married to a Chinese mobster who Lucy wasnt happy with physically, mentally, and sexually. She found love in a man she felt destined to. It was completely unexpected. Lee, Lucys husband, finds out about Lucys infidelities from his cooks through a phone call from prison as he was serving a stint and choose to have Lucy and Sean executed, which leads to Sean being on the run. Lee is indecisive about what he wanted to do with his wife, the woman he still loved.

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