Chatters' Nut House

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Barbara Winningham
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Most bugs and worms who live in the earth are very proud of their homes. They spend a lot of time designing them. Not only are they designed to be safe and comfortable but also to uniquely insulate them from the elements above. But we all know that no matter how hard we try, sometimes trouble comes from within.
Chatters Nut House tells the story of Auntie Ant who gets upset because Chatters, that silly squirrel, buries his winter food in places that shakes their homes.

Chatters does not know how to solve the problem, so Auntie Ant decides to help him.

In her third book, the author, Barbara Winningham, provides children the opportunity to see how Auntie Ant collaboratively works with her other subterranean friends and neighbors to design an effective strategy allowing Chatters to bury his winter food without endangering anyones home.

Filled with vivid, easy-to-follow, colorful illustrations, Chatters Nut House presents to all readers a sequential process clearly demonstrating how these problem-solving skills result in a more peaceful community for all. After reading or hearing this story, children may want to relate how they have similarly worked with friends or siblings to solve a problem in the neighborhood or home.

The author has also published two other books, The Turtle Pit and My Kitty Dog stories. The stories are beautiful to hear and offers a kaleidoscope of information, guidance, and inspiration needed to equip every childs inward treasures.

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