The Awesome Amazing Adventures of Ozzy the Ostrich

The Road Leading from the Huntington Zoo to the Midwest Animal Believers Convention
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Dr. Tonya Swanson
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This book is a tale of the life and times of a loveable ostrich name Ozzy. A short time after Ozzy the Ostrich is born, he makes a lifelong human friend named Billy to whom he writes letters at various stages on his journey. Ozzy begins an awesome and amazing
adventure-filled journey to fulfill his purpose and mission in life: to preach about Jesus to the animal kingdom so that they will pray for
mankind. While fulfilling his mission, Ozzy travels to various places. He visits the Huntington Zoo where he meets a very special ostrich
named Alberta who becomes his life-long partner. He also engages with a host of other animal characters while on his journey. Together,
Ozzy and Alberta have a wonderful stay at the Penguin Inn. While there, they make some new animal friends. Subsequently, they continue
their travels until they ultimately find Ozzys mother and father at the Midwest Animal Believers Convention. As the story progresses,
the reader is thrilled as Alberta gives birth to twin ostriches who also pursue their purpose and mission in life. At this point and time,
a letter will not suffice. As the story concludes, Ozzy comes full circle as he travels back to share the events of his life in person with Billy.

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