The Time Before Time

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Kent Kunefke
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In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. But God created many things before that. This is the story of what happened in the beginning before that beginning and of why the beginning happened at all. This is the story of God and creation. This is a story of the angels, demons, mythical creatures, and animals of all kinds. God has existed for all eternity and shall exist for all eternity. Time to God is completely irrelevant. Millennia can seem as a single moment to her. Heaven is where God is. But heaven has not always looked the way it does now. God created everything and everything in heaven as well. God created the archangels Gabriel, Lucifer, Michael, and many more. God created all manner of creatures that crawl, walk, and fly.
In the beginning before the beginning, the time before time, everything was perfect. God loved all creation with the whole of her heart. She wants all her creations to love her too.
God is perfection, but her creations are not; therefore, God has a rule. No one breaks Gods rule. Not animals, not angels, and not even archangels can break Gods rule. If anyone breaks God rule, they will be punished.

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