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Book 2 Pro Tha Test of Times
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Low Life
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Im guilty of everything they say I do
Dear ma. These are things you didnt know:
Im sorry; I let the streets take your baby from you.
Ma, I know I do dirt But it aint because I am dirty
But since I was a little oneI never felt worthy
I know I got skillsBut Id rather smoke and chill
And I wish I could tell you how I really feel
About what I wantedBut turned out to be
I went from being your little angelTo acting like a complete stranger
I use to come home every night
Now when I leave aint no telling when I am coming back
At the age of twelve, I joined a gang
And since then my life aint been the same
I been shot at, so I bought a pistol and shot back
I got robbed once, and since then I robbed three
I never have, but rode in stolen cars
Been in a high speed chase, wreaked it and got away
When I was sixteen, I got locked up four times
I aint been seventeen six months and I am already on number two
I know this is not the life you planned for me
Ma, but life is full of choicesI just chose the wrong oneI guess
See to me time is precious, and since I dont know how much longer I got
I plan to live my life to the fullestBefore it is too late
YesI do wonder 24/7 how you feel about me deeply to have ambition
And slowly see it slipping away, wanting to help, but not knowing wat to say
What I turn out to be
Ma, you did your job
And I am sorry, I let the streets take your baby from you.
Poem by Low Life: Loyalty Over Wants..

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