Lutherous Nie and the Warriors of Faith
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Professor Lutherous Nie is director of the Deity Settlement on the terraformed planetoid Ceres, which orbits Earth as a second moon. He is also an egocentric jerk, obsessed with harvesting the crystalline energy of Ceres as a power source to save the dying Sun. He and other individuals with strong telepathic talents use the unique energy to manipulate the forces of nature. Thus magic, born of science, is brought into the world. Unknown to Nie, there are others intoxicated with the power of crystalline energy who will stop at nothing to possess it all.
When the Ceres Project is sabotaged, the planetoid is thrown into another dimension. Nie awakes to a medieval world of magic from which many of Earths myths and fables are derived. Demonized by the gods of Ceres, Nie must learn to see beyond his own selfish needs if he is to ever return home to his wife and daughter.

Standing against Nie are the Warriors of Faith, those who fight for the gods of Ceres. Among these are a superhero (of sorts) mentored by Al Capone, a teenage witch from Old Salem, a troubled modern-day Chicago youth, an Aussi rogue, and a band of misfit medieval adventurers including Justa, a 10-year-old wizard prodigy. The warriors are on a collision course with Lutherous Nie and his army of sentient beasts in a race to discover the true source of evil threatening both Ceres and Earth.

Ceres: Lutherous Nie and the Warriors of Faith is an epic fantasy combining future technology, modern tribulations and historic/mythic characters in a magical medieval setting. Whether you like Sci-Fi, comedy, romance, or tragedy; wizards, cowboys, astronauts, or contemporary teen angst LNWOF has a little something for everyone and every age.

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