Micah Jamison Didn’T Do It

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Micah Jamison Didnt Do It is the story of a man who is driven by frustration to threaten used-car salesman Joe Sanders. Jamison, after losing a suit in court to obtain relief over a car deal gone sour, decides to try to scare the car salesman into either refunding his money or paying for the repairs. As luck would have it, fate breaks in at a critical point in the execution of his plan and despoils Micahs intentions. The result is that through a most perverse alignment of circumstances, Sanders is killed. But that is only where the story begins.
Imagine yourself in Micah Jamisons placedesperate, frustrated, and at the end of your rope, you adopt a risky plan. But in the midst of execution, the plan itself is wrecked by an unusually severe thunderstorm.

Most of us have been on the short end of the stick a least once in our lives. Maybe we have even contemplated drastic measures to coerce someone into compliance with an outcome more satisfactory toward ourselves. We intend no real harm. Mostly, we are just trying to demonstrate our soul-felt unhappiness with the whole affair.

But the unthinkable does happen. We cannot back up in time. What is cannot be undone. All the old courses of action are closed off to us. In short, there is a new reality with which we have to deal. What are we to do?

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