Serving the Servant

A Blessing as I Serve My Husband; I Serve the Lord with Love
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The public does not view the ministers wife as a woman with the same feelings as the other women who are married. A ministers wife is not supposed to show that he has frailties or feelings or that she can fail to uphold her responsibilities to her household, her husband and her family, and, definitely, not the church.
The ministers wife is not to show her emotions as other women do. She has to remain true to the cause without breakdown and not be discouraged with all the negatives that are tossed her way, especially when it involves her children. Yet she is to handle all things as a Christian regardless of how much she has to endure.

The responsibility is not the church members, society, or family. Some of the responsibility lies with the woman that serves the servant of God. She is so filled with responsibilities of doing the right thing that she forgets who she is and her role to the man she is married to. She is so occupied with the role of the ministers wife that she forgets that she has a role more rewarding and more importantthat is, serving the servant and being responsible to herself and for her own soul.

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