Behind Closed Doors

Conflicts in Today’S Church
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Francis Anthony Quinn
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Behind Closed DoorsA fascinating account of the challenges, failures, and triumphs of three men and one woman, beginning in high school seminary days. Set against the backdrop of todays turbulent conflicts over celibacy, challenges to authority, sexual revolution, and church politics, the fictional memoirs, Behind Closed Doors, follows the lives principally of engaging characters through youth and beyond in the San Francisco Bay Area and in worldwide intrigue.
Ladd Franklin is enamored of Willow Caprice, a classmates sister, with whom he strikes up a controversial friendship in the seminary and during his priesthood. Ladd enters the field of international relief services. This assignment brings him into critical episodes on several continents. Eventually, he contends with Soviet Union officials and is present in St. Peters Square at the time of the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. David Carmichael is ambitious, looking forward to advancing his career, interacting with his two colleagues throughout these episodes. David is continually opposed by members of GOD (Guardians of Doctrine). The third major protagonist is Tyler Stone, sensitive and caring, who finds the demands of celibacy particularly burdensome. In the course of his priesthood, Tyler is accused of sexual molestation and is brought to trial.
The novel dramatically explores the turmoil convulsing the Church and the world in the new millennium.
Behind Closed Doors makes for very interesting reading. I hope the author writes more.
John R. Quinn, archbishop emeritus of San Francisco and author of Ever Ancient, Ever New: Structures of Communion in the Church

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