Eight Horses

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Steven L. Young
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In the fall of 2001, I began to be gifted with inspired words. They came to me in the form of poetry and prose. At times it seemed as though I could not get them down on paper fast enough. I found them to be eloquent and inspiring, and for me, they contained many beautiful messages.
At some point later on in the following year, twenty six such poems had been written. The seemingly strange thing about all of this is that I had never written poetry until this time in my life.

The twenty seventh poem written was some of my own thoughts compiled to try to explain my feelings for this gift of writing, and even at that, I had some beautiful help, because the words came out with eloquence as well. The poem titled "More Spoken Word" is presented as the first poem here in hopes that others will understand that "these are not my words.

The twenty-five poems that make up this short collection are from a larger collection that now numbers one hundred and eighteen. Ten of the twenty-five poems here are about eight horses and the influence that they had on me as I traveled the path of a seeker, seeking my own truths. The first four poems about the Horses came to me somewhat quickly. But the remaining seven came as the years have passed by. The last one coming to me in the spring of 2010.

I feel this collection is meant to be shared with all whom care to read it in further hopes that each individual will find their own message within. With great gratitude and sincerity;

Steven L. Young

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