The Enchanted Alligator

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Lupe Marie Acosta Larsen
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The Enchanted Alligator is a book about a royal family that lived in the Land of Royalties and Fairytales. The king and queen desired to have a child. The day came when they had a baby boy. The king and queen were happy to have a baby prince. All the servants were delighted to have such joy in the palace.
The Witch of the Air was envious of the queens beauty, wealth and of her baby. She put a spell on the baby prince turning him into an alligator. When the alligator grew, he was placed in a large pond decorated with exotic flowers. His mother read to him and trained him to be a prince, hoping that someday the curse would be broken and he would rule the kingdom.
The gardener had three daughters that liked to play with the alligator. When the alligator became a teenager he asked one of the girls to marry him, she rejected him. He asked the middle girl and she also rejected him. Eventually he found true love and the curse was broken. His beloved wife Selah called him Princes Allik.
The witch threatened to put a curse on the queen and on the princes child. The gardener decided to use his resources and send the prince, princess Selah and their four year old daughter Zion into space in special suits. They landed on different planets, stars and constellations. Along the way they received gifts to share and teach by example in the Land of No Return. (The gifts represent the Beatitudes Mathew 5:3-11) Because they shared their gifts with the people of that land, they were able to go to the Land of Wonders. They returned to Fairyland with the found book of books that combats and defeats all evil.

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